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How it all started
I first started my channel in February 2009, as an AMV Maker.

Staying to my name, I made many Beyblade AMVs in 2009 but removed them all for a new start in Sony Vegas Pro. Mastering it wasn't easy and so weren't the techniques.

I made a couple of AMVs in 2010 but officialy started to take it serious in 2011, and I am glad because it was worth defining my love for Beyblade, the show that has been my influence ever since I was a kid.

Moving on from days to weeks, months to years, I got support from many, if that matters. Getting more feedback from others that continued my influence even more, I found many great leaders and people that were also into the same hobby that led my interest in editing even more.

Time made me professional but so did the influence in the competition.

You can find my work on the blog, for some classic taste of the show you used to watch, or maybe still do.

Don't miss out the opportunity because time doesnt tick the same day again, just like the zeal of Beyblading once left remark on time. It's lost but not dead.

Latest AMV

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Friday, 2 February 2018

The end of BladEra Tenth Stage, start of BladEra Ultimate Stage - The Final Stage

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Stage will be the final Stage on the channel. A total of 10 Stages ran on the channel for a long period of time, each stage consisting of better and better AMVs respectively over time, in terms of quality, editing and general production. BladEra Ultimate Stage will run for a total of 11 AMVs before ending it's period, the first AMV is already out for the stage (As of  2nd Feb, 2018) and will continue until next year.

A big thanks to everyone for all the countless support in all these years and I hope everyone could feel new energy with newer AMVs as much as I did, it's been a long journey and I hope none of you were disappointed with any of my content. With every new video, I strive to improve in any way possible, so I hope you can all see the effort put into these videos. On that note, I hope you can truly enjoy the upcoming final AMVs as I try to make them as flawless as possible, in hopes of making them one of the BEST Beyblade AMVs out there for a long period of time.

Thank you once again for taking time out to read this, and I hope you're all safe! Have an awesome day. -BladEra123